In 1979 I began taking art lessons from a local artist.  I completed several paintings with the instructor, and went off on my own. I’ve read a lot of art history, visited museums, art galleries and shows, while at the same time I developed my current style.

I constantly explore different methods for canvas preparation and paint application to obtain the desired visual effects I am seeking.

I started by focusing on still lifes with discarded and found objects. I constantly adjust my painting style, and use the fast drying tendency of acrylic paints to create different effects on the canvas.

I’ve been fortunate to win many awards for painting and sculpture and sold the majority of my early work during this time.  I took several years off to pursue other interests, but returned to the studio in 2006.  I continue to refine my painting process.  I enjoy teaching, and I volunteer at the Salem Senior Center in Salem, NH.  I give free weekly acrylic painting classes.  These emerging artists have created over seventy paintings in the last two years.  Their work can be viewed on my web site under the page Student Works.

I also hold a five week workshop in my studio for experienced artists wishing to learn the techniques I’ve developed to master this fast drying medium and how to get the most from acrylic paints.  The class size for the five weekly lessons is limited to four artists and is a hands-on series of canvas preparation, and methods developed over the years to make the most of this wonderful medium.

I am currently a member of the Greater Salem Artist Association.