Student Works, 2012

Ingram Senior Center, Student Works for 2012.

Jerry F. December, 2012.

Jerry F. December, 2012

Joanne K. November, 2012.

Joanne K. 10-12

Deb T. November, 2012.  Colored pencil drawing.

Bob H. November, 2012.

Bob H Nov 6, 2012

Joanne K. completed her painting of three tug boats in the Portsmouth, NH harbor. September, 2012.

Armand B., August, 2012.

Marc P., August, 2012.

Carol C. completed her first painting in the class. August, 2012.

Jerry F, recently completed two paintings.  The first below done at home and the second in class. August, 2012.

Bob H. completed his trout painting this month. Nice Job!

Armand B. finished his painting from the last class recently.

Joanne K. April 2012.

Deb T. April, 2012.

Bob H. April, 2012.

Jerry F. completed these two painting after he left the class a few weeks ago.  His work continues to improve.  The first is Boston College, Gasson Hall, where he went to college.  The second is a river view.  Jerry will be returning to class ASAP.

Jerry F.  March, 2012.  12 X 12.

Jerry F. March, 2012. 18 X 24.

Roland M.  March, 2012.  16 X 20.

Nancy S.  march, 2012. 20 X 24.

Joanne K.  March, 2012.  16 X 20.

Marc P.  March, 2012.  20 X 16.

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