Student Works, 2014

Student works in 2014.

Joanne guls 8

Gulls Galore by Joanne K. Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 24, 2014

Carlieen lilys 11 X 14

Carlieen M. second painting. Lilies, 14 X 20. Acrylic on canvas.

Grace F.

Grace F. new student, completed her first painting. June, 2014.

Carlieen boats 5

Carleen M,. new student completed her first paint. June, 2014.

Armand beach 9  framed

Armand B. June, 2014.


Bob H. 12 X 16, June, 2014.


Jerry F. Boston Common at Night. June, 2014.

Jerry F. 2-14 dJerry F. Acrylic on canvas. 12 X 14, February, 2014.

Nancy S. 2-14, aNancy S. 2-14, d Nancy S. 2-14, c Nancy S. 2-14, bNancy S. did these four, 10 X 12 acrylic on panels. January, 2014.

Sally C. 2-14-eSally C. Completed her first seascape. Acrylic on canvas, 20 X 16. January, 2014.

Rosemary S. 1-14Rosemary S. completed her second painting of this sunset recently. Acrylic on canvas, 20 X 16.

Roland M. 13.5Roland M.finished his lighthouse. Acrylic on canvas, 12 X 16. February, 2014.

Sandi K. 1-14Sandy K. completed this work on her own and brought it in to share with the class. January, 2014. Good work Sandi!

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