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New Senior Class Painting Added

Joanne guls 8

 Joanne K.  Gulls Galore, acrylic on canvas. 18 x 24, 2014.

Latest Student Painting

Carlieen lilys 11 X 14

  Carlieen M. has finished her second painting. Water Lilies, 11 X 14.

Acrylic on canvas board.

Newest Student Completes Her First Painting

 Grace F.

Grace F., one of our newest students has done a great job on her first painting. June, 2014.

Senior Class Finishes Three More Paintings

The senior painting class finished three more paintings this week. The class has completed 160 paintings since October, 2009.

Carlieen boats 5

 Carleen M. completed her first painting in our class. Great job on a first painting! 14 X 12 inches, 2014.

Armand beach 9  framed

 Armand B. completed this fine tropical scene last week. 12 X 14, June, 2014.


 Bob H. finished this nice snow scene. 12 X 16 inches.

Senior Class Artist Adds His Best work To Date

One of our Senior Painting class artists has completed his most ambitious work to date. Jerry F. completed this 24 X 30 night painting of Boston Common. A difficult subject well painted. Great work Jerry!


Seniors Complete Three More Paintings

Three new works from the senior class.Do wiskersDeb T. finished this pencil sketch in colored pencil on paper. 12 X 12.

March, 2014.

Sandi K. 2-14-LSandi K. completed this work on her own and brought it to show the class.

Acrylic on artist panel 12 X 10, March, 2014.

Sandi K. postSandi K. also completed this work on her own and brought it to show the class.

Acrylic on canvas, 12 X 20, March, 2014.

2014 Senior’s Finished Paintings

 Senior’s paintings of 2014

Sandi K. 1-14Sandi K. finished this nice work on her own. February, 2014.

Nancy S. completed the four 8 X 10 panels below as a set. February, 2014.

Nancy S. 2-14, bNancy S. 2-14, cNancy S. 2-14, dNancy S. 2-14, a

Roland M. 13.5Roland M. February, 2014.

Rosemary S. 1-14Rosemary S. completed her first painting in the class. Nice Job Rosemary! February, 2014.

Sally C. 2-14-eSally C. completed her second painting in her second session of the class. February, 2014.

New Senior Student Completes First Painting

Dottie R, Nov. 2013Dottie R., our newest member of the senior class completed her first painting.    11 X 8, November, 2013.


Another New Painting From the Senior Class

Armand cat 6Armand completed another fine work this week. 20 X 16, 2013.

Senior Class Completes Two New Paintings

Eileen 4Eileen K. C. did an excellent job on this painting. 16 X  20 (untitled)  2013.

Joanne Step iJoanne K. completed another fine painting this week, 16 X 20, 2013, (untitled).