Student Works, Sept 2010 – Dec 2011

Michael M., December, 2011

Jerry F. December, 2011

Jerry F. November, 2011

Armand B. November, 2011

Dave G. November, 2011

Jerry F. November, 2011

Jerry F. November, 2011

Jim S. October, 2011

Bob H. September, 2011

Roland M. September, 2011

Tom L. August 2011

Roland M. July, 2011

Jim S. July 2011

Armand B. July, 2011

Tom L. June 2011

Dave G. June, 2011

April S. completed this work “The Pecking Order” in the Acrylic Workshop class in June, 2011

Bob H. June 2011

Jim R. June 2011

Jim R. June 2011

Roland M, May, 2011

Joanne K. 3-11.  Study of vase and apples.

Bob H. 3-11.  Cardinal.

Joanne K. 4-11. Flowers.

Deb T. 3-11.  Pen and ink waterfall.

Deb T. Pencil drawing of M. Monroe.

Tom L. 2-11. Painting of wine glasses.

Tom L. 4-11. Painting of a flower.

Roland M. 2-10. Lighthouse painting completed in his previous class.

Deb T. completed four pen and ink drawings and is improving her skills with each work.  Great job Deb!

Deb T. January, 2011 (a).

Deb T. January, 2011 (b).

Deb T. March 2011 (a).

Deb T. March 2011 (b).

Jerry F. January 2011.

Jerry F. completed his third and fourth paintings as a matched pair of birds in December, 2010.

Jerry F. fourth painting December, 2010.

Jerry F. completed his second painting in October, 2010. Jerry combined elements from two drawings he did and rearranged them to produce this very good second painting.

Bob H. finished this nice little bird, his third painting, on his own. September, 2010.

Bob H. completed his second painting September, 2010.

Dave G. finished a nice seascape painting in September, 2010. Nice effect on the fog, Dave.

Jim S. completed his Ireland farm painting in September, 2010. Great job Jim!

Mike completed his still life with glassware in July, 2010. Good work on the colors and contrast Mike!

Roland completed his light house in the fog painting in July, 2010. Good job Roland!

One response to “Student Works, Sept 2010 – Dec 2011

  1. Gary Orr, Chatterjee Medical Associates

    Very good work for “amatuers”. I am impressed and thanks to Jerry for showing me his work and directing me to this sight.

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