Student Works, Sept 2009 – Aug 2010

Armand B. first painting September, 2009.

Armand B. second painting January, 2010.

Jim S. first painting November, 2009.

Jim S. second painting.

Jim S. third painting.

Jim S. fourth painting.

Mike H. first painting October, 2009.

Mike H. second painting January, 2010.

Mike H. third painting March, 2010.

Mike H. fourth painting and his first original work!

Les M. first painting October, 2009.

Les M. fourth painting March, 2010.

Les M. started his fifth painting June, 2010.

Tom L. first painting January, 2010.

Tom L. second painting.

Joanne K. (accomplished artist) finished her lighthouse in the class March, 2010.

Joanne K. finished “Bella” May, 2010.

Nancy S. (accomplished artist) finished her first painting in this class May, 2010.

Roland M. first painting.

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