Painting of Taylor Sawmill Started

I began a painting of the Taylor Sawmill in Derry NH. This is a water powered, vertical sawmill and operates two Saturdays a month when the water level is high enough. I began with a very smooth canvas and a monochrome painting of Burnt Sienna to work out the composition.

I have the sky, trees and dam roughed in; and I’m now making some structural corrections as I go along. This is one of those paintings that is going well right from the beginning. Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Painting of Taylor Sawmill Started

  1. oh Don, I think this might be my favorite yet. 🙂

    • Hi Beth, thanks for the comment. This is one of those paintings that almost paint themselvs. It started of good and is about 80% done as of today. I took it to the sawmill last Saturday and showed the half done work to the couple that run the sawmill two Saturdays a month. It went over well and I’ll stop by again when they reopen in the spring. Our best to you and your family. Don

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