Painting Demonstration at the Greater Salem Artists Association Meeting

Painting Demonstration

The Greater Salem Artists Association will kick off the 2010 – 2011 season with their first meeting at the Salem NH Public Library, 234 Main Street, Salem NH.  The meeting is on Thursday, September 9th at 6:30 PM in the lower meeting room.

I will be doing a painting demonstration immediately following the business meeting and light refreshments. I will focus on the methods I use to produce a variety of painting surfaces on store-bought canvas and cotton duck.  I will show the various steps and tools I use to prepare canvas with a variety of textures and degrees of smoothness.  The demonstration will show how important a well prepaid ground is to increase the ease and pleasure of painting in acrylics.  I am also the mini-exhibitor and will have three newly completed works on display that show the results of this kind of careful canvas preparation.

Additionally, I will demonstrate how I prepare painted backgrounds as a base for still life or other paintings. If there is time, I will also show how I use under-painting with complementary colors to add vibrancy and life to any painting.

Here is one of my new works that will be on display.  It is Taylor’s Sawmill in Derry, NH, and this work is about 80% complete.

3 responses to “Painting Demonstration at the Greater Salem Artists Association Meeting

  1. I absolutely loved this painting, and admire your work.
    I also enjoyed your demonstration at the Salem art asocc meeting.

  2. Why didn’t you put the foliage painting in the bank?
    It is my favorite one..

    • Hi Joanne, I didn’t think of putting any in the bank at this time. I think the paintings are in for three months and I have the AIG show comming up in October and want the recent works for this show on hand.

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