Native American Dancer #2 Complete

My second Native American Dancer is complete. I don’t have a title for this work yet, as I want to find out the dancer’s name and tribe affiliation. This was a challenging work because of the size (36″ X 48″), and the amount of detail involved.  I took the original photo and removed the unwanted background clutter of people, tents, and sound systems on my Photoshop Elements program.  I cloned the grass over these items so the focus would be on the dancer.

I worked from two 8 X 10 photos and enlargements of some details like the bead work, hands and moccasins to get it right.  A lot of thought went into the layout, color selection and the order of attack to build the dancer from the background to the front.  I layered all of the details one on top of another.  I went with a typical New England forested background with a grassy field.  I will be adding a series of progress photos on my “Painting Progress” page in a couple of weeks.  I tracked the hours it took to do this work, and ended up with a total of 87 hours! A fun painting to do.

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