Pomegranates, Lemons and Limes Completed

I finished the Pomegranates, Lemons and Limes painting today.  This was a fun painting to do.  Acrylic on canvas,  16 X 20.

2 responses to “Pomegranates, Lemons and Limes Completed

  1. Great looking painting, as usual. Looking forward to returning to class. I need inspiration and your expert help.

    • Hi Bob, thanks. I didn’t produce any good works in 2011. I am committed to doing one painting a month this year. The second painting will be done this week and posted ASAP. I will be updating the list this week and will have a tentative date for your return. I have shortened the class to 16 weeks and we are getting a better better turn over. I’ll let you know. Best wishes, Don

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