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Senior Class Completes Three Paintings and Starts Three more

Bob H. Completed this fine painting in January, 2013

Bob H., Jan 2013

Jerry F. Did most of the work on this painting between classes, at home. January, 2013.

Jerry F., Jan 2013

Deb T. completed this pencil drawing in January, 2013

Deb T., Jan 2013

Deb T. also began this pencil drawing in class and will complete it at home.  A great start, Deb!

Deb T., Jan 15, 2013

Roland M., is almost finished with this nice tug boat.  January, 2013.

Roland M., Jan 2013

Armand B. has a good start on his under painting of this cat. January. 2013

Armand B., Jan  2013