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My First Painting of 2014

My first painting of 2014. This work was done on a panel with two thick coats of acrylic modeling paste applied with a pallet knife. I used a 3″ short nap roller to lay in the sky, water and basic tree shapes. The painting was completed using no brushes, only a pallet knife and tooth pick. I like the rough surface texture and will experiment with this process over the next group of paintings.

Grape Islands, Lake Massibisic, NHGrape Islands,Lake Massabesic, NH. 2014. 20 X16 inches.

Moonlight Painting Completed

I finished this painting today.  I started with a photograph of some rocks I saw while kayaking on Lake Massabesic, NH  last summer.  I’ve been looking at the photo for some time, and decided to go with a deep blue sky and show the rocks as if bathed in moonlight.

I started with a well prepared canvas with four coats of gesso.  A Burnt Sienna wash followed and several layers of Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue and Winsor Blue scumbled over this.  Trees and rocks were under painted with Red Oxide and Burnt Sienna.  The trees finished with layers of gray using varying amounts of Burnt Umber, Hookers Green Deep, Winsor Blue, White and a touch of Cadmium Red Hue.

This was followed up with washes, glazes and dry brushing using all of the same colors to bring out the different textures of the rocks. The foliage and moss was done with Hookers Green Deep, Hookers Green, a touch of Cadmium Red Hue, Red Oxide and white.


20 X 16

Acrylic on Canvas