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Acrylic Workshops – Spring Session, 2011

I have begun a series of five, weekly semi-private acrylic workshops for experienced artists currently using acrylics or any other painting medium.  The workshops will be held once a week in my studio in Windham, NH.

For those folks new to acrylics, the workshops will provide hands-on experience on how to work with this fast drying, versatile medium. Experienced acrylic artists will learn new methods and approaches to get the most from this wonderful paint.  I will share with you all of the painting processes and methods I have developed over 30 years of painting.

Click on the Acrylic Workshops tab on this site for a list of what’s covered in the workshop, and a list of materials needed for the class. If you are interested in taking the five week workshop, e-mail me at www.donsfineart@comcast.net or call at 603-890-6883.  There are currently two openings in the April workshop and I am accepting reservations for additional workshops.

Each student must have two to three years of painting experience, a basic knowledge of drawing, composition, color theory; and a willingness to try something different and out of their comfort zone in the creative arts.

Each workshop will focus on specific methods to get the most from this versatile medium. The workshops are best taken in order, as each workshop will build on the lessons of the previous workshop. There will be homework assignments at the end of some sessions.  These completed assignments will be needed for the following session.

The Workshop Studio

Working on an Iris

I started a painting of an iris that I photographed at the Ingram Senior Center.  I am using an ultra-smooth canvas with five coats of gesso rolled and scraped on.  Each coat was sanded after it was completely dry.

This is a departure from my usual method of painting.  I am applying very thin coats of acrylic paint on a pure white canvas with no under painting.  The white of the canvas is reflected through the thin coats of color.  I hope it works out well!

Update on Student’s work

Gerry F., a new student, has started his first painting. Jim S. is working on a new landscape. Mike H. is closing in on his still life with glass. Bob H should finish his covered bridge next week.

New painting process added for The Rivers Bend

I have just completed a quick painting of a fall scene of a river and trees. This is a departure from my usual style, and is loose and impressionistic. I like trying different approaches to painting, and like some of the results when I do this.

Click here to see the painting process for The River’s Bend.

We will be making some minor changes to the site this week to help you move around a little easier. There will be a new page coming soon, showing several paper-mâché sculptures I created in the 1980s.