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Senior Students Complete More Work

Carol C., a new student, completed her first painting of a Downy Woodpecker, and it came out great!  Carol has a good start on her second painting, completing the first stage shown below.  Looking forward to seeing this still life when it’s done.

Jerry F. completed another two paintings below.

Seniors Complete Three Works

Joanne K. painting of cabbages, April 2012.

Deb T. completed this colored pencil drawing May 1, 2012.

Bob H. completed his painting in April 2012.

Three Students Work Coming Along Well

Here are three of the Senior’s works in progress.  Each painting  is coming along well and should be completed in a few weeks.

Jerry F. fall landscape.  January, 2011

Armand B. is almost done with  this heron  painting.  January, 2011

Joanne K. is painting Robert Frost’s mailbox. January, 2011.