Chicken Update #3

The second chicken is almost complete.  I used three different photos and arranged them in this composition.  I am attempting to show how lively these birds are, and have painted them on a warm, bright, sandy background.  The working title is Murphy’s Chickens.  This painting should be complete in a couple of weeks.  You can click on these photos for a larger version.

I was able to get close to this Red-wing Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) on the Pow Wow River last weekend.  He was sitting on a jumble of old roots in a mud bank.  This shows the general layout and the under-painting of the major elements.  I usually tone the background before starting the work, but this time I am using the bright white of the gesso on the canvas.  I want the colors to reflect the bright, sunny morning.

I always try to have two or three paintings in the works.  This gives me a chance to switch to another piece if I’m experiencing difficulty with a particular painting.  The next time I go back to the work I put aside, I can have a fresh look at it and can usually get past the difficult spot.  I call this “letting it cook” and it always works.

I will be working on both of these paintings (and a couple of others) at the Mann’s Apple Orchard show next weekend.  I will be demonstrating my painting techniques and showing three new paintings both days of the show.  See the post below for additional information about the show.  Hope to see you there.

One response to “Chicken Update #3

  1. Hi Don,
    I am back from my vacation to Nevada and California, lots of good painting photos.
    I am suppose to be the artists of the month for August so I will bring my artwork this Tuesday. See you then, I will find out where I am on the list to come back..I need your expert opinions..

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