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Painting from Searles Castle Completed

In April, I attended an event at Searles Castle, Windham NH, with the Greater Salem Artists Association.  I photographed this structure on the grounds of the castle.  I began the painting the next day. It was a damp, foggy morning and I thought it would be fun to capture in acrylic paint.

And the Winner Is…

My painting Murphy’s Chickens won a First Place Ribbon in the acrylic division at the Sage Art Gallery Spring Art Exhibit, 136 Washington Street, Haverhill MA.  This juried show held the “Grand Opening” on March 10, 2012.  All of the paintings in the show will be on display through the month of March.

I also have two additional paintings in the show titled Native American Dancer Don Barnaby and a new still life titled Pomegranates, Lemons and Limes. Stop by and see all of these artists outstanding work.

The winter hours for the gallery are:

Wednesday   1 pm to 5 pm

Thursday        1 pm to 8 pm

Friday             1 pm to 8 pm

Saturday         1 pm to 5 pm

Moonlight Painting Completed

I finished this painting today.  I started with a photograph of some rocks I saw while kayaking on Lake Massabesic, NH  last summer.  I’ve been looking at the photo for some time, and decided to go with a deep blue sky and show the rocks as if bathed in moonlight.

I started with a well prepared canvas with four coats of gesso.  A Burnt Sienna wash followed and several layers of Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue and Winsor Blue scumbled over this.  Trees and rocks were under painted with Red Oxide and Burnt Sienna.  The trees finished with layers of gray using varying amounts of Burnt Umber, Hookers Green Deep, Winsor Blue, White and a touch of Cadmium Red Hue.

This was followed up with washes, glazes and dry brushing using all of the same colors to bring out the different textures of the rocks. The foliage and moss was done with Hookers Green Deep, Hookers Green, a touch of Cadmium Red Hue, Red Oxide and white.


20 X 16

Acrylic on Canvas


Pomegranates, Lemons and Limes Completed

I finished the Pomegranates, Lemons and Limes painting today.  This was a fun painting to do.  Acrylic on canvas,  16 X 20.

First Painting of 2012 Started

I have started my first painting for 2012.  I used a 16 X 20 Fredric canvas and prepared it in my usual way by rolling on two coats of gesso.  I wanted to paint a pomegranate so I purchased one as well as a lemon and a lime.  I set up a three-sided stage on my work table using scrap mat board taped together to photograph the fruit.  I cut up the fruits and arranged them on this mini stage and lit the arrangement with a single source of light from a small quartz halogen desk lamp. I shut off all the other lights in the room.  I took a bunch of photos, rearranged the fruit in different ways and moved the camera angle around.  With a digital camera, you can take dozens of photos and only print the best ones for reference photos.

I did a small sketch to check out the composition, and then did a light pencil sketch on the canvas.  I started painting the background with a splotchy wash of Ultramarine Blue.  I applied a thin wash on the fruit with the opposite color.  I used Hookers Green for the pomegranate, Cadmium Red for the limes, and a violet wash for the lemons.  A quick wash of Yellow Oxide and Raw Sienna was added to the table top.

I find it helps a great deal to soak the back of the canvas with a spray bottle of water with a little liquid dishwashing detergent.  This tightens up the canvas and slows down the drying time slightly so I can work wet-in-wet. I used a series of washes, scumbles, and wet-in-wet painting to bring up the shapes of the pomegranates, lemons and limes. I darkened the background with more splotchy paint at this point.

I used the printed photographs and my laptop computer to view the pictures.  This is something new I’m trying, and it gives me better back lighting, a brighter image and truer color than the printed photos.  This also allows me to see how the fruit is structured, since I can zoom in to get the fine details.  I also save many of the better photos, and can view them from different angles.

I continue to work around the painting, bringing each piece of fruit along with additional detail, color and form. If things aren’t going well, this is the best time to make adjustments on the work.  I set the painting aside and study it from different angles for a day or two.  I saw that several minor adjustments were needed, so I placed small bits of blue painter’s tape near the needed corrections.  The next painting session, I make the necessary corrections before continuing with the work.

At this point, the painting is almost complete.  I’ll add the rest of the steps I’ve taken and post them soon so you can see how this all worked out.  Stay tuned!

Seniors Compete Two More Paintings

Jerry F. completed one more painting this week.

Michael M. completed his very first painting this week too.

Two Small Works Completed

I did a couple of small (5 X 7) paintings for a donation today.  These will be raffled off to support the local Meals on Wheels program at the Salem Senior Services.

Two More Paintings From the Senior’s Class

Jim S. has a good start on his latest painting. August. 2011.

Tom L. completed his American Bison painting.  August, 2011.

New Painting Added

I am trying mixing two hobbies together, painting and astronomy.  This is my first try at space art with my version of a super nova, an exploding star, in the process of forming a planetary nebular (which, by the way, is not generated from a planet!).  Look in the tab Paintings, 2010 for other  recent paintings.

Class Completes Three New Paintings

The folks in each of my painting classes have completed three new paintings.  Here they are.

Tom L. finished his water fall in June, 2011

Dave G. June, 2011

April S. attended my last acrylic workshop and worked on this painting during the five week class.