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Senior Class Finishes Three More Paintings

The senior painting class finished three more paintings this week. The class has completed 160 paintings since October, 2009.

Carlieen boats 5

 Carleen M. completed her first painting in our class. Great job on a first painting! 14 X 12 inches, 2014.

Armand beach 9  framed

 Armand B. completed this fine tropical scene last week. 12 X 14, June, 2014.


 Bob H. finished this nice snow scene. 12 X 16 inches.

My Biggest Fan Visits at the GSAA Spring Show

My Grandson watches me paint at the last Greater Salem Artists spring show. This is a painting of a fantastic Beech Tree in our neighborhood. I am also doing a graphite pencil on paper of this subject. art show april 2014

My display of some of my paintings. I had four of my most popular paintings made into 500 piece puzzles. These puzzles are a great hit with the crowd. My matching blank note cards are also good sellers. Check out a link for Piece Time Puzzles for more information on these puzzles.art show april 2014 (2)

This painting of the Grape Islands, Lake Massabeic, NH was completed with just a pallet knife. art show april 2014 (3)

Senior Class Completes Four New Paintings

Four New Paintings From The Seniors Class Added

DSC03759Eileen K. C. 6-25-13. 20 X 16.

Sally C. 6-25-13Sally C. 4-25-13. 20 X 16.

Deb T. 6-25-13Deb T. 6-25-13. 10 X 12.

Roland M. 6-25-13Roland M. 6-25-13. 8 X 10

Senior Class Completes Six Paintings

Six New Senior’s Works

Sally C. d  6-11-13Sally C. completed her first painting. June, 2013, 8 X 10 inches. God job Sally!

Deb T. 6-11-13 bDeb T. did a couple of good pencil sketches on her own. June, 2013.

Deb T. 6-11 13,aDeb T. June, 2013

Roland M. 5-28-13Roland M. completed another fine light house. June, 2013.

Sandi K. 6-11-13Sandi K. had fun painting her second painting, a nice landscape. June, 2013.

Eilline C.K. 5-31-13-bEileen K. C (new to the class) completed a small sea scape, June, 2013.

Four New Student Paintings

More excellent work from the Senior’s class.

Charlott H. March, 2013

Charlotte H. competed this small seascape March 10, 2013.

Sandi K. May 3, 2013

Sandi K. completed her first painting in the class. Sandi did a lot of work on her own and in the class.  A great start for the first painting!  May, 2013.

Jerry F. May 3, 2013

Jerry F. completed this work on his own. Jerry is improving with each painting and developing his own good painting style. May, 2013.

Joanne K. May 3, 2013

Joanne K. completed this large painting (36 X 24) using only a palette knife. A good work with vibrant color. May, 2013.

Student Completes Two Paintings on His Own

Gerry F. completed the two paintings (below) on his own and brought them to the Senior’s painting class.  Gerry has completed 22 paintings since he started in the class.  A very productive painter and improving his style with each work. Great job Gerry!

Jerry F. 3-26-13

Pine Valley #3  March, 2013.  20 X 16.

Jerry 3-26-13

Evan, 8 X 14, March, 2013.

And the Winner Is…

My painting Murphy’s Chickens won a First Place Ribbon in the acrylic division at the Sage Art Gallery Spring Art Exhibit, 136 Washington Street, Haverhill MA.  This juried show held the “Grand Opening” on March 10, 2012.  All of the paintings in the show will be on display through the month of March.

I also have two additional paintings in the show titled Native American Dancer Don Barnaby and a new still life titled Pomegranates, Lemons and Limes. Stop by and see all of these artists outstanding work.

The winter hours for the gallery are:

Wednesday   1 pm to 5 pm

Thursday        1 pm to 8 pm

Friday             1 pm to 8 pm

Saturday         1 pm to 5 pm

Students Finish One Work; Three Others in Progress

Marc P. is well along on a difficult subject. February, 2012.

Nancy S. is well underway with her vase of flowers.  February, 2012.

Joanne K. has just started a painting of cabbages with lots of good under painting.  February, 2012.

Jerry F. completed his fall landscape in early February, 2012.

Seniors Compete Two More Paintings

Jerry F. completed one more painting this week.

Michael M. completed his very first painting this week too.

New Gallery Opens in Haverhill, MA

The Sage Art Gallery has opened in Haverhill MA.  Donald Herook, President of the Greater Haverhill Arts Association owns the gallery, and he offers the artists of the Merrimack valley region a convenient, cost-effective opportunity to promote the display and sale of their art.

Located at 136 Washington Street, Haverhill MA, the gallery is in the center of an active area of dining, shopping and entertainment establishments. Plenty of parking is available including the new parking facility in the downtown area.  Check out their web site at www.sagegallery.com  For details about showing your work or purchasing the fine art available, contact Donald Herook at www.sageartgallery@yahoo.com.

The Sage Gallery will be holding three juries shows per year, as well as art demonstrations, art critiques, art classes and a variety of art related events, so check the web site frequently.