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Senior Class Finishes Three More Paintings

The senior painting class finished three more paintings this week. The class has completed 160 paintings since October, 2009.

Carlieen boats 5

 Carleen M. completed her first painting in our class. Great job on a first painting! 14 X 12 inches, 2014.

Armand beach 9  framed

 Armand B. completed this fine tropical scene last week. 12 X 14, June, 2014.


 Bob H. finished this nice snow scene. 12 X 16 inches.

Students Add Two More Paintings for 2012

Bob H. and Armand B. have completed two new paintings this month.  You can see these and all the other paintings the students at the Ingram Senior Center completed in 2012.  Click on Student Works 2012 at the top of this page.