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Surface Preparation for Masonite Panels Added

I just put the instructions and photos of how I prepare Masonite panels for painting. There are two parts to this process. The first produces a surface with thousands of tiny peaks and depressions; the second step takes this a little further and produces a velvety smooth surface with microscopic pits that is great for washes and scumbles. This all looks and sounds like a lot of surface preparation, but believe me; it’s great to paint on.

The canvas preparation steps will be coming in a week or two.

Painting Process Just Updated for September Beets

I just finished updating the painting process for September Beets.  I’ll be writing about the landscape that I am working on now. This landscape is more of an Impressionist work than the other two paintings, and uses a completely different method of painting than the last two works.

I have also been teaching a weekly painting class at the Ingram Senior Center in Salem, New Hampshire since August. By mid-January, I will have some photographs of the paintings that these new, emerging artists have completed. I am also working on the preparation of Masonite panels and canvas for the Tools and Methods tab. As always, your comments are welcome.


Hello world!

Welcome to my new web site. I work in acrylic paint and enjoy painting a wide variety of subjects. I began painting in 1979, starting with private lessons with a local artist. I soon went off on my own and began developing and improving my art through trial and error. My early work in acrylic was primarily still life from objects at hand and from my imagination. I was one of the original members of the Greater Salem Artists Association and continue to enjoy membership with the group. I began entering local art shows in 1982 and did well in those shows. I took a five year break from painting from 1990 to 1995.

My recent works are from photographs of wildlife taken while kayaking, and I continue to enjoy still life work. Recently retired, I volunteered to conduct a painting class at Ingram Senior Center in Salem, New Hampshire every Tuesday morning. The class is limited to eight folks (now full) and is a mixture of new and experienced artists who want to learn how to work with this versatile medium.

Please return to this web site as I continue to improve and expand the gallery. Soon there will be a section which will show some of the processes and methods I use to prepare the canvas or masonite grounds for paint, lay out the subject, and develop the textures and effects shown in the gallery.

I am also a model shipwright and will expand the gallery of ship models shown here on this site. And, last but not least, there will be a gallery of Paper Mache’ sculptures I produced during the 1980s.

Enjoy the paintings, and tell a friend about the site.

Sincerely, Don