Two New Paintings Started

Here is the apple photo and the under painting for Apples in Sunlight.  Stay tuned for weekly updates on this and a second painting of cilantro hot peppers, also in the works.

We visited Mann’s Apple Orchard, Methuen, MA last week, and I took a bunch of photos of the produce for sale.  There were a couple of good shots in the two dozen photos I took that I thought would make good paintings.  There was a dormer in the roof of the barn, and a single shaft of sunlight was hitting a group of baskets of apples on a table.  The photo had strong sunlight on the apples, and deep shadows around the edge.  This framed the baskets of apples perfectly.  I started this painting on the 15th, and will continue the work and update the page in the Painting Process soon.

The second good shot was a great big bunch of cilantro hot peppers.  They were a riot of orange, yellow and reds, accented with some nice green peppers.  I am working on a study of this photo to work out some process details, and I will add this work to the Painting Process page once the canvas has been prepared.  Here is a photo as a teaser:

2 responses to “Two New Paintings Started

  1. Don,
    I love the apple photo you took. What an amazing shot. I already love the painting of it even more, and you’ve just started. I cannot wait to see how this one comes out.

    • Beth, thanks! I have been working on this painting quite a bit over the last few days. I’m sitting here looking at it, and it’s about 80% complete. When a painting clicks, it’s a joy to work on, and this is one of them. I’ll be posting another photo of the progress made on Thursday. I am working out a couple of problems with the cilantro, and will start on this by the end of the week. Our best to all, Don.

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