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Study of Cilantro Peppers

I just completed an 8 x 10 study of Cilantro Peppers.  This will be among the paintings being raffled off at the Mann’s Apple Orchard Show this coming weekend.  See Events page for details.

Cilantro Peppers, a Work in Progress

My painting of the Cilantro peppers is coming along well.  These three photos show the progress and changes I made as I worked out the final design.  I’m combining three photographs I took of peppers, string beans and eggplant.  I’m adding a dose of imagination with the surrounding items.  The basket is challenging and I like how the various textures are working out.

I decided to place all of this on an old blue door for a bit of visual interest.  This is painted on a very smooth canvas with a succession of washes and glazes, sanding it down between paint applications.  I hope to finish this painting as part of the demonstration I will be doing at the Spring Fling Art Show and Sale on May 15th. See the Events page for more details.

Two New Paintings Started

Here is the apple photo and the under painting for Apples in Sunlight.  Stay tuned for weekly updates on this and a second painting of cilantro hot peppers, also in the works.

We visited Mann’s Apple Orchard, Methuen, MA last week, and I took a bunch of photos of the produce for sale.  There were a couple of good shots in the two dozen photos I took that I thought would make good paintings.  There was a dormer in the roof of the barn, and a single shaft of sunlight was hitting a group of baskets of apples on a table.  The photo had strong sunlight on the apples, and deep shadows around the edge.  This framed the baskets of apples perfectly.  I started this painting on the 15th, and will continue the work and update the page in the Painting Process soon.

The second good shot was a great big bunch of cilantro hot peppers.  They were a riot of orange, yellow and reds, accented with some nice green peppers.  I am working on a study of this photo to work out some process details, and I will add this work to the Painting Process page once the canvas has been prepared.  Here is a photo as a teaser: