Senior Class Completes Six Paintings

Six New Senior’s Works

Sally C. d  6-11-13Sally C. completed her first painting. June, 2013, 8 X 10 inches. God job Sally!

Deb T. 6-11-13 bDeb T. did a couple of good pencil sketches on her own. June, 2013.

Deb T. 6-11 13,aDeb T. June, 2013

Roland M. 5-28-13Roland M. completed another fine light house. June, 2013.

Sandi K. 6-11-13Sandi K. had fun painting her second painting, a nice landscape. June, 2013.

Eilline C.K. 5-31-13-bEileen K. C (new to the class) completed a small sea scape, June, 2013.

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