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Senior Class Completes Four New Paintings

Four New Paintings From The Seniors Class Added

DSC03759Eileen K. C. 6-25-13. 20 X 16.

Sally C. 6-25-13Sally C. 4-25-13. 20 X 16.

Deb T. 6-25-13Deb T. 6-25-13. 10 X 12.

Roland M. 6-25-13Roland M. 6-25-13. 8 X 10

Senior Class Completes Six Paintings

Six New Senior’s Works

Sally C. d  6-11-13Sally C. completed her first painting. June, 2013, 8 X 10 inches. God job Sally!

Deb T. 6-11-13 bDeb T. did a couple of good pencil sketches on her own. June, 2013.

Deb T. 6-11 13,aDeb T. June, 2013

Roland M. 5-28-13Roland M. completed another fine light house. June, 2013.

Sandi K. 6-11-13Sandi K. had fun painting her second painting, a nice landscape. June, 2013.

Eilline C.K. 5-31-13-bEileen K. C (new to the class) completed a small sea scape, June, 2013.

Four New Student Paintings

More excellent work from the Senior’s class.

Charlott H. March, 2013

Charlotte H. competed this small seascape March 10, 2013.

Sandi K. May 3, 2013

Sandi K. completed her first painting in the class. Sandi did a lot of work on her own and in the class.  A great start for the first painting!  May, 2013.

Jerry F. May 3, 2013

Jerry F. completed this work on his own. Jerry is improving with each painting and developing his own good painting style. May, 2013.

Joanne K. May 3, 2013

Joanne K. completed this large painting (36 X 24) using only a palette knife. A good work with vibrant color. May, 2013.

Senior Class Completes Three More Paintings

4 Joanne K. Feb 2013

Joanne K., February, 2013. 24 X 20.

Jerry F. Feb., 2013

Jerry F., February, 2013. 20 X 16.

Roland M., Feb. 2013

Roland M., February, 2013.

More Great Work From the Senior’s Class

Joanne K., January, 2013

Joanne K. completed this 40 X 20 abstract this week. January, 2013.

Jerry F., January, 2013

Jerry F. completed a pair of cardinals this week. January, 2013.

Bob H., January, 2013

Bob H. has a great start on this  landscape. January, 2013.

Update on the Seniors work

Bob H. painting of a WW II F4F-3 fighter is comming along well,  November, 2012.

Bob also completed his small flower painting.  November, 2012.

Deb T. completed her pencil drawing today,  November, 2012.

Roland M. has a good start on his tug boat, November, 2012.

Joanne K completed her  latest painting, November, 2012.

Senior Painting Class Completes Four New Paintings

The emerging artists at the Salem Senior Services art class have completed four new paintings recently.  You can see them all by clicking here.

Update on Senior’s Paintings

The current class of Seniors are painting up a storm.  Since starting these classes in September of 2009, they have completed over 40 works of art.  The maximum class size has been dropped from eight to six folks so that I have enough time to spend with each artist.  Each artist has 27 weekly classes and there is a waiting list to get in.  Here are four more of their works.

Deb T. completed two pen and ink drawings.

Jerry F. completed another work.

Joanne K. completed her fall painting.

Good News! Student Works Page Repaired

We have rebuilt the page for the Student Works from August 2009 through June, 2010.  You can see the good work the folks did by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Student Works page.

The work is grouped by artist, and shows the good progress the emerging artists are doing.

Two New Student Paintings Added

Bob H. completed his covered bridge in September 2010, and small painting of a pheasant on his own.  Nice work, Bob.