2014 Senior’s Finished Paintings

 Senior’s paintings of 2014

Sandi K. 1-14Sandi K. finished this nice work on her own. February, 2014.

Nancy S. completed the four 8 X 10 panels below as a set. February, 2014.

Nancy S. 2-14, bNancy S. 2-14, cNancy S. 2-14, dNancy S. 2-14, a

Roland M. 13.5Roland M. February, 2014.

Rosemary S. 1-14Rosemary S. completed her first painting in the class. Nice Job Rosemary! February, 2014.

Sally C. 2-14-eSally C. completed her second painting in her second session of the class. February, 2014.

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New Senior Student Completes First Painting

Dottie R, Nov. 2013Dottie R., our newest member of the senior class completed her first painting.    11 X 8, November, 2013.


Another New Painting From the Senior Class

Armand cat 6Armand completed another fine work this week. 20 X 16, 2013.

Senior Class Completes Two New Paintings

Eileen 4Eileen K. C. did an excellent job on this painting. 16 X  20 (untitled)  2013.

Joanne Step iJoanne K. completed another fine painting this week, 16 X 20, 2013, (untitled).

Four More Paintings From the Senior Class

 DSC03829Bob H. F4F-3 Hellcat Fighter 20 X 16, 2013

Eileen 20 X 16Eileen K. C. Landscape 20 X 16, 2013

Galoway Hooker Eileen K. C. Galway Hooker, 20 X 16, 2013

Jerry F. August 2013Jerry F. Canobie Lake Entrance, 2013

Senior Class Completes Three More Paintings

The Senior class has completed three more paintings.

Joanne K. 8-19-13

Joanne K. July, 2013. 24 X 16.

Sandi K. 8-16-13

Sandi K. July, 2013. 10 X 8.

Eileen K. C. 8-19-13

Eileen K. C. July, 2013. 18 X 24.

Senior Class Completes Four New Paintings

Four New Paintings From The Seniors Class Added

DSC03759Eileen K. C. 6-25-13. 20 X 16.

Sally C. 6-25-13Sally C. 4-25-13. 20 X 16.

Deb T. 6-25-13Deb T. 6-25-13. 10 X 12.

Roland M. 6-25-13Roland M. 6-25-13. 8 X 10

Senior Class Completes Six Paintings

Six New Senior’s Works

Sally C. d  6-11-13Sally C. completed her first painting. June, 2013, 8 X 10 inches. God job Sally!

Deb T. 6-11-13 bDeb T. did a couple of good pencil sketches on her own. June, 2013.

Deb T. 6-11 13,aDeb T. June, 2013

Roland M. 5-28-13Roland M. completed another fine light house. June, 2013.

Sandi K. 6-11-13Sandi K. had fun painting her second painting, a nice landscape. June, 2013.

Eilline C.K. 5-31-13-bEileen K. C (new to the class) completed a small sea scape, June, 2013.

Four New Student Paintings

More excellent work from the Senior’s class.

Charlott H. March, 2013

Charlotte H. competed this small seascape March 10, 2013.

Sandi K. May 3, 2013

Sandi K. completed her first painting in the class. Sandi did a lot of work on her own and in the class.  A great start for the first painting!  May, 2013.

Jerry F. May 3, 2013

Jerry F. completed this work on his own. Jerry is improving with each painting and developing his own good painting style. May, 2013.

Joanne K. May 3, 2013

Joanne K. completed this large painting (36 X 24) using only a palette knife. A good work with vibrant color. May, 2013.