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Two New Paintings Completed

I went back to my favorite subject, still life.  I had several of these objects in the studio.  The wood shoe, glass insulator and small black jar were found in antique shops, the birds and scissors were my Mother-in-law’s, and the Hot Wheel truck is my grandson’s.

The shadow box and other items were from my imiganation.  A fun painting to do with all the different surfaces and textures to paint.

20 X 24, October, 2010
Acrylic on canvas

I attended the ninth annual Native American Pow-wow in Haverhill, MA  on September 11, 2010 and got some great photos. This is a painting of Native American Head Dancer Don Barnaby.   There were several other dancers that I hope to paint in the future.

Native American Dancer Don Barnaby
20 X 24, October, 2010
Acrylic on canvas

Another Painting Completed by Student

Mike H. completed his third work at the painting class in the Ingram Senior Center, Salem, N. H. today. The work is acrylic on canvas, 16 X 20. Mike’s painting can be seen under the Student Works tab. Great job, Mike!

There will be more art work coming from these very enthusiastic, emerging and experienced artists in the next few weeks.

New tab for Student Works

I began teaching painting lessons at the Ingram Senior Center in Salem, New Hampshire in August, 2009. These lessons offer the center’s members a chance to work with acrylic paints and explore the possibilities of this medium. The goal for the emerging artists was to complete a small work within the first few weeks.

With their kind permission, I have included some photographs of their paintings on the Student Works tab and will add more as time goes by. We hope you enjoy seeing their good work! As always, your comments are welcome.

More Ship Model Photos Added

I have added a few progress photos on the installation of the running rigging for the Sir Edward Hawke. More detailed text and photos coming in the next few weeks.

I have also started a large fall landscape painting which will be featured in an ongoing Painting Process page. This painting shows another way to work with acrylic paint in a loose and free style. This will be updated often as I work on the painting. As always, comments welcome. Don