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Latest Student Work Photos Added

I added the photos of the work the students did this week.  You can see full size photos on the Student Works page.

Student Painting Update

Here is an update of the good work the students are doing.

Deb T. has started another painting of a bird. Dave G. is working on a bold, bright clown. Jim S. has started another dog painting.  Bob H. has a good start on his second painting, a covered bridge. Nancy S. is closing in on her painting of two girls.

More New Student Work Added

Emerging artists Jim S., Deb T., Tom L., Bob H., Dave G., and Roland M. have their work in progress added to the Student Works page.  The class size is at eight folks and the paint is flying onto the canvas in grand fashion.  Here are thumbnails of the work done by these folks this week.  Check out these and other photos on the Student Works page.

Student Works Progressing Well

All of the student works are progressing well.  Joanne finished her dog and the lighthouse painting.  Nancy S. made good progress on her seascape, and the big wave is looking great.

Emerging artists Bob H. Tom L. and Dave G. are progressing well.  Check out their work on the Student Works tab.  Next week I’ll have an update of Jim, Roland, and Deb’s work for you.

Student Works Update

We had seven folks in the painting class at Ingram Senior Center today.  The three new folks are off to a good start, Joanne finished her dog, Jim is near the end of his little bird, and Deb is making good progress on her flowers.

Roland and Dave are catching up to Bob on their ears of corn.  This is the first painting I have all new students do, as it’s a simple and fun painting that does not take a lot of time to complete.  It allows folks new to the acrylic painting process to get familiar with the medium.

Update on the Student Works Tab

Les M. has started a painting of an antique race car that will be a challenging piece of work.  Tom L. has finished a painting of his home after a snow storm.  Deb T. is making good progress on her flower painting.  Check these out on the Student Works tab.

We also welcomed two new emerging artists to the class, Bob H. and Roland M.  Look for their works in the following weeks.

Updates on Paintings, 2010 and the Students Work Page

Two Updates on Paintings:

I have added a painting of a coastline from a seagull’s point of view. Look in Paintings, 2010 for this. We missed a week at the Senior Center because of the snow, and I updated the Students Work page to show the good progress they are making.

More Photos on the Student Works Page

Mike H., Nancy S. and Joanne K. are all making good progress with their paintings. The work done at the February 9th class has been updated on the Student Works page.

Update on Student Works Tab

Check out the Student Works page for more photos.

Armand B. finished his collie.  Nice job Armand!

Nancy S. (experienced artist) finished her first work in this class and began a seascape for her next painting.

Mike H. began his forth painting, a landscape, using bold complementary colors for the under painting.  Keep an eye on this one!

Les M. is closing in on the completion of his third painting.

Tom L. has started his third painting, a portrait of his home after a heavy snow.

Deb T. (new artist) has a good start on her first painting.

Is great to see these painters trying new materials and methods and seeing the good progress they make each week.

Another Painting Completed by Student

Mike H. completed his third work at the painting class in the Ingram Senior Center, Salem, N. H. today. The work is acrylic on canvas, 16 X 20. Mike’s painting can be seen under the Student Works tab. Great job, Mike!

There will be more art work coming from these very enthusiastic, emerging and experienced artists in the next few weeks.