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Senior Painting Class Completes Four New Paintings

The emerging artists at the Salem Senior Services art class have completed four new paintings recently.  You can see them all by clicking here.


Two New Student Works From the Senior Services Center Class

Bob H. completed his painting of his hunting dog, and Roland M. completed his portrait of his dog this month.  For more student works go to the Student Works tab.

Two Works in Progress from the Senior Class

Bob H. has a very good beginning on his hunting dog.

Roland M. has been working on a nice still life and this is a progress photo of the work.  Stay tuned.

Class Completes Three New Paintings

The folks in each of my painting classes have completed three new paintings.  Here they are.

Tom L. finished his water fall in June, 2011

Dave G. June, 2011

April S. attended my last acrylic workshop and worked on this painting during the five week class.

Four New Students Work Added

I’ve added four new paintings to the Student Works page.

Two New Student Paintings Added

Roland M. May, 2011

Jim R.  May, 2011

Chicken Update #2

I finished the layout and under-painting on the chickens, and started with the foreground dirt and the chicken on the left.  That one is a Rhode Island Red.  I put a grasshopper in his beak as a neat detail.  I am trying to get the soft, fluffy look of the feathers, and some action in the placement of the birds.

Look at the tail of this bird, and you can see how I added successive strokes of color on top of the blue/green under-painting, gradually building up the mass of the feathers.  This area still needs some color and shadow adjustments to finish it off.

These were very lively birds and I needed to use the “action” setting on the digital camera when taking a long shot.  I also got some great close-up photos, and want to do a portrait of one of the birds next.  I’ll add another photo when the second chicken is complete.  Stay tuned.

Greater Salem Artists Association Spring Art Show

This is a photo of me working at the Greater Salem Artists Association 24th Annual show at the Woodbury School.  I won a 3rd place ribbon for Apples in Sunshine, and the painting also won a ribbon for “People’s Choice”.  A good day overall!

I had a constant stream of folks at my display, and I ended up painting on my demonstration piece for about 30 minutes.  I spent the rest of the day interacting with fellow artists and visitors to the show.  I want to thank all of you for coming to the show, and for your generous support.

My next show will be held by the Art Institute Group of the Merrimack Valley and will be held on Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13th at Mann Orchards in Methuen, MA.  I hope you all can make this show.  More information to follow.


Latest Student Work Photos Added

I added the photos of the work the students did this week.  You can see full size photos on the Student Works page.

Cilantro Peppers, a Work in Progress

My painting of the Cilantro peppers is coming along well.  These three photos show the progress and changes I made as I worked out the final design.  I’m combining three photographs I took of peppers, string beans and eggplant.  I’m adding a dose of imagination with the surrounding items.  The basket is challenging and I like how the various textures are working out.

I decided to place all of this on an old blue door for a bit of visual interest.  This is painted on a very smooth canvas with a succession of washes and glazes, sanding it down between paint applications.  I hope to finish this painting as part of the demonstration I will be doing at the Spring Fling Art Show and Sale on May 15th. See the Events page for more details.